Stop Excessive Hair Shedding + Hair Loss FAST! How To Tea Rinse | Natural Green Tea

Stop Excessive Hair Shedding + Hair Loss FAST! How To Tea Rinse | Natural Green Tea


SHOCKED at how well this Tea Rinse works guys!! Here’s how I stopped my excessive shedding and minimized hair loss using a natural Green Tea Rinse!

**I used DECAF Green Tea in order to cut down on caffeine exposure. Try it with decaf first, and then work up IF needed! Xo!!


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  1. Do really you think it's the tea or could it be the pregnancy? When I was pregnant the amount of hair I shed decreased substantially but after giving birth returned to normal.

  2. i am trying this out today my hair has been shedding so much😒😒😒. thanks for the tip

  3. How long should I leave it in my hair?

  4. For a great period of time my hair has been falling out tremendously! Its thinned out so bad I reverted to wigs and weave. Every wash or detangleing no matter how gentle or minor produced extreme shedding for me. Even basic combing daily. Ive never had a length problem. Always have had long relaxed but naturally curly hair. I had finally concluded at this point to cut my hair into a short cut and start all over. I tried the blk tea rinse this Saturday and babyyyyyy when I tell you the results are dramatic! My shedding hhas stopped at least 90% less…….no lie! This really does work and I'll advice this to many is desperate need for help.

  5. This is week 2 of using the green tea rinse. My shedding has decreased tremendously! I am so glad i came across this video!❤❤❤❤

  6. Can't wait to try this during my postpartum shedding. 😊 Thanks Sis

  7. It totally works for me. This has been in my regimen off and on for years with nothing but great results!

  8. Love your videos,
    Is it okay to use it slightly warmer ,
    And how about using it monthly

  9. Omg! Just the tip I needed. And it's natural.

  10. Can you use chamomile and peppermint tea

  11. You are stunning! The curls in this videos <3 <3 <3

  12. Can I apply the tea before I wash my hair? I detangle as part of my pre-poo which is where I see the most shedding.

  13. Omg!! Omg!!! I just tried it once and my god!!!! After washing my hair, I let it dried then I try to brush my hair, and it just shed 2 single piece of hair 🙀🙀🙀.

    You guy seriously need to try this!! 👍👍👍
    (And sorry for hurting your brain with my bad English lolol)

  14. is it bad if I wanna do it twice a week? I only wash my hair twice a week and the 1 wash day I do apply the green tea, the hair shedding if minimal. but my wash day when I'm NOT applying green tea, the hair shedding is like nothing changed. im stumped. im like 3 weeks in.

  15. This is the TRUTH. I was shedding 15-20 hairs on wash day, and kid you not, today when I washed and green tea rinsed I only shed like 5 hairs!!

  16. I’m going to try this. I’m 19 and my hair is falling out. It’s ridiculous. I can’t even wash or detangle my hair without clumps falling out.

  17. I’m going to try this because after having my baby my hair has shed so much

  18. Do tea rinses stop breakage as well?

  19. Does this seriously promote hair growth

  20. Came back to say it 100% works… Thank u so much

  21. It really does Work….I used black Decaf tea

  22. Hi I ve a hairwash every alternate day so how often should i carry the tea rinse

  23. I learn hair tips everyday…I won't spray tea water all over my hair again😂😂😂

  24. I can't wait to try it!!!!! I'll be back.

  25. It worked…instantly, it's ridiculous and the next day I checked and was combing and de-tangling my hair and little to no hair came out. My shedding got so bad I completely avoided combing my hair to reduce how much was coming out. THANK YOU

  26. Can you add an update on how much would come out b4 the tea rinse?

  27. This video is so helpful!! My hair sheds so bad I will definitely be trying this out💚

  28. I would like to thank you so much
    Since menopause I started to have hair loss in temples and crown, I had watched your video about two months ago, I started doing what you mentioned and all my hair is so FULL and I can’t believe it….. I tried everything
    I have spent so much money on drug store, informercial products, and all I had to do is what you found to be the secret Green tea… plus I started drinking Good quality Matcha in the morning. God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart❤️

  29. My hair is shedding out of nowhere. I'm starting to dislike being natural. It's hard

  30. What about green tea pills? Can I use it as an alternative to green tea packets??

  31. I’m learning from the video and the comments lol
    I’m using the tea cleanse along with drinking more water and it really does work!

  32. Wow her hair grew so much in 2 years, hoping the same for me

  33. Background isn’t necessary. I like looking at your clean crisp room.
    Aah the classic tea rinse. I believe the Chinese or Japanese have been doing this for a while. I used this in the past and my hair thrived. It was sorta a prepoo? Or my shampoo. Can’t even remember. I’m getting older. Smh.

  34. I did not know about this thank u so much u have solved my problems

  35. I just wanted to let you know it really works. My hair was shedding because of medicine I have to take. This stopped the shedding significantly. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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