Stop Hair Loss | Hair Fall in 1 Day – Secret Hair Mask + 4 Effective Tips to Control Hair Fall

Stop Hair Loss | Hair Fall in 1 Day – Secret Hair Mask + 4 Effective Tips to Control Hair Fall


Hair Loss or Hair Fall is caused due to changing lifestyles, environmental pollution, poor nutrition, stress, inadequate sleep, long sun exposure, lack of exercise and use of harsh shampoos and styling gels on the hair.

However, there is an effective natural treatment that can help solve your hair loss or hair fall problems in just 1 day.Simply follow this
secret hair mask and 4 effective tips to control hair fall.

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  2. In one day hair fall will stop

  3. I love ur solition.keep it up

  4. This are suggestions only girls, boys how to control hair fall give a suggestions please,,,,

  5. Hi Sneha, what else can be added in place of ghee

  6. Where I'm supposed to take that piece of aloe vera?

  7. Hi! can i use coconut milk instead of coconut oil and then I will combine the coconut milk to aloe vera and onion?

  8. Your information is really awesome, I agree with you, hopefully, everyone will benefit much.

  9. I have severe hair fall and is there any instant solution ?

  10. what happened to your voice, it was frustrating

  11. If i don’t gave aloe vera leaf, is it safe to use aloe gel from store? I mean will that gelp effectively??

  12. This shampoo is phenomenal! I bought it. My hair is on the oily side and shampoo for oily hair hasn't helped. I decided to try Argan Life since I've heard a lot about it. Game changer!

  13. Really….it works.Thanks a lot.

  14. Hi Sneha 🙂
    Can we store the left over mask for the next use ?
    Also let me know about the shelf life and storage of this mask 🙂
    Nice tips 🙂 nice channel

  15. alovera ka green part bhi dalna hi

  16. very nice! I have been using a treatment from it really has sparked new growth! I will try this to help keep my new growth healthy

  17. i had been suffering from much hair loss after permanent straightening. i have done permanent straightening a 6 konths ago,now my hair loss is more …can u say me some treatment to stop my hair fall?????

  18. This is amazing mask to control hair fall. It works from first use. Must use this mask who is suffering from hair fall. Thank you so so much

  19. Hey sneha I need ur urgent response as I go through a hair rebounding and rite after that Iam facing hair fall issue and losing my hairs day by day I have bold patches on my head being a woman it is very depressed plz help and guide a strong tip to stop hair fall and get back my hairs ASAP plzzz

  20. mere bal jharte hai or patle ho gaye hai.mujhe kaun sa shampoo use karna chahiye?plz dear reply

  21. My wife has seen big improvement in her hair since using superhairfood

  22. Which shampoo and conditioner to use for dry hair and preventing hairfall?

  23. Omggggggggggggggggggg….. This really works! Thanks a lot sneha di.. I was suffering from severe hair loss! I can see the results in frst attempt only tysm

  24. Sneha ji i juz now applied it on my hair….how long should v leave pps reply

    edit:omg it works amazingly and the aloe vera gel add a really glossy look to ur hair….i usually lose 20 hair wen i pull my entire hair bt now i literally lost only 1 hair….guys it works try it

  25. I was having chronic hair fall. Doctor diagnosed it as alopecia. Before that I spent thousands of rupees on products which didn't work. Then doctor prescribed me some tablets. With that I used onion, Ginger juice n coconut oil boiled with curry leaves. N trust it worked like wonders. Nothing treats hairfall like onion juice. It's like a miracle

  26. Argan Life is the best organic shampoo in the market. After a month of using I have noticed my thinning areas on the scalp of my hair are filling in. I can't wait to see results in few months. I have tried other hair loss/thin products and this one proves more improvement of my problem areas and you won't be disappointed.

  27. how many day use in a week

  28. Ma'am is it also for Men???

  29. I applied this mask yesterday and there was onion residue left. I shampoo three times. What to do for that?

  30. Hey sneha!! Will this mask help in thickening of hair plus regrowth!! Or just best for stop hairfall!???

  31. kitne din tk use Karna h ye mam…or KB tk ayega result mam

  32. very use full video thankuu seneha😊

  33. can we apply without castor oil

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