Summer Hairstyle 2016 Men | Low Fade Haircut

Summer Hairstyle 2016 Men | Low Fade Haircut


Summer Hairstyle 2016 Men | Low Fade Haircut
Hey guys this is my first video.
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  1. good cut just try to look at the cut in different angles so you can see any lines you need to blend

  2. More shear work for the top clipper over comb doesnt look as good keep cutting man you got potential

  3. Nice fade, only criticism is that I URGE you to get a cape, or even use a towel, a trash bag, SOMETHING to minimize the hair falling onto your client's skin and shirt. Also, the initial guideline was kind of sloppy. Try to make it drop evenly as you go around the head, it makes the work easier. Even with the sloppy foundation line, you still pulled the fade off pretty well. Nice job.

  4. not bad fam! for your age, you ahead of the fade game for sure

  5. get yourself a cape and neck wraps and duster and you'll be set

  6. Bro how long u been cutting?

  7. Nice cut only criticism is when your lining him up keep the side lines dark to make him look extra icy

  8. great job— normal speed please

  9. Great haircut, it looks really good! Would be nice if you could show the video in normal speed!

  10. nice job bro!, u got skills with the clippers n comb! keep it up

  11. Great haircut!! For me I'd would rather hear the live sound instead of the (???) music…

  12. keep on doing fades after a while you get the hang of it. get a trash bag and cut a hole in the bottom..make shift barbers cape. get a brush,comb excess hair away after each pass with your clipper. Spend time the first guide line get it strait. it makes the foundation of the fade. keep it up bro

  13. Thanks for the feedback ma friends i promise you the next video will be a lot more Professional and better Camera quality😄👍

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