The Perfect Men’s Haircut for a Receding Hairline

The Perfect Men’s Haircut for a Receding Hairline


Pull this up on your smart phone and show to your barber. Here’s my related blog post:
Let me know if you have any questions!

I have begun using Rosemary and Argan Oil. If you’re interested in purchasing some shampoo with those ingredients, here’s a link:

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  1. I just got your haircut my friend!! I some screen shots and showed them to my barber. Wow . we have the same receding hairline

  2. this haircut looked good ,get it again! Then make a comparison video.

  3. Your hairline isn't that bad man

  4. Your hair looks amazing here mate wow

  5. if you have a receding hairline, grow a beard aswell

  6. you look like dean ambrose from wwe. are you dean ?

  7. Your sideburn is crooked LOL

  8. ur hair looks just fine in this video

  9. I'm going to get this haircut next, thanks for posting this, it is beyond awkward trying to find the right cut when you have a receding hairline

  10. This is much better, agreed! Hadn't seen it, popped up as a recommendation.

  11. Now this haircut looked good Nick. Liked the glasses too. 🙂

  12. Currently in the barber chair showing her this video to do haha

  13. Hi Nick: I just watched your previous video where your hair was much longer. I think the haircut you have in THIS video looks a lot better on you! My hubby has thinning and receding hair, and he is ready to switch to something like what you have here. I think it will look great on him. I've watched a lot of videos on this subject, and I think YOURS is the BEST!! Thanks!!!

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