Timeless Men’s Classic Business Haircut Tutorial | BluMaan 2018

Timeless Men’s Classic Business Haircut Tutorial | BluMaan 2018


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Hey guys, it’s me JOE! And today I’m showcasing this amazing timeless men’s classic business haircut! This tutorial should show you all the steps involved in this amazing hair transformation. Francesco is originally from Italy, however came up from London to visit David Rozman’s hair salon. And hey, it you enjoyed this haircut! Also, let me know in the comments below if you want to see a world cup football style haircut tutorial in the future!

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  1. What to tell your Barber to get this type of haircut?

  2. He looks like Cameron Monaghan D:

  3. monarch matte paste smells like my grandmother lol


  4. Make 2 part of this video 📹

  5. There should be more texture & high stay up volume make part 2 of this video plz

  6. thats some really thin hair

  7. the only reason I clicked on this was cause the dude looked like jack from spn in the thumbnail pic

  8. Looks like shawn mendes…. Ha.

  9. Does nobody notice how much joe looks like Eugene from rapunzel

  10. Nothing new same haircuts. Move away from the short hair stuff already

  11. He looks like Jerome/Jeremiah from Gotham

  12. Plz help me Blumaan! I wana buy the Monarch Matte Paste but i cant bcos i dont hav paypal. I also cant buy online bcos if i did my mom's gona kill me! PLZ HELP ME I NEED THE MONARCH MATTE PASTE! HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZ

  13. Get somebody from India and do Indian hair

  14. What’s the typical cost of ur hairstylist?

  15. i feel like he doesn’t work enough with people with thin hair. i feel like he tends to work with people with thicker hair because that’s all he knows how to do.

  16. Wow… another average haircut

  17. Why they blocked me in blumaan community group on fb!

  18. can I use shampoo and conditioner of diff. company

  19. Classic hair cute! 😎😎

  20. Seconds looks? Just don't do the first one correctly

  21. always wondered if a barber cuts his own hair too, and if not, wouldn't it be pretty fuccin weird having to go to a "enemy" to get your hair cut?

  22. Thought that was Ace Ventura in the thumbnail

  23. Honestly his hair looks the same. If one can be a little meticulous it can be observed. I guess introspection is needed before uploading an initiative on the chanel.

  24. U could have do the hairstyle cause u soo nice and david is soo ugly spoiling the sexy hairstyle

  25. we need your haircut video

  26. do you have been going to gym….

  27. Will he take a bath after that ?

  28. Yes I want the worldcup haircut

  29. Joe make a student haircut tutorial video.✌

  30. I need david's salon in my town

  31. His hair looks so hard to stand up

  32. Maan what a good change. Great work Joe , David and other members

  33. what were the measurements for the haircut?

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