Trichotillomania: Why These Women Rip Out Their Own Hair

Trichotillomania: Why These Women Rip Out Their Own Hair


Rebecca Brown and Sophie Ehrmann have both documented their ongoing struggle with trichotillomania. BeckieO also has a popular channel on YouTube where she opens up about her condition.

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  1. Does this mean we got to have a big ass ‘tricks’ party for awareness? Wouldn’t that be weird as hell?? Hair just lyin every fuckin where. We could prob get locks of love to get us some sort of money for our ‘strange addiction’. Naw but seriously, that’s all we’re able to do is laugh about it which still sucks.

  2. This has been my secret for years,I eat my hair n I need this off my chest

  3. I don't remember how long ago I have had this but I am 21 right now, I remember when I did pull out my eyelashes my mom had seen that they were gone before and was rude about…I don't think she still doesn't know what it is…..

  4. I can relate to both of them…

  5. I have that since I was 12 years old now am 30. Still can't stop doing that

  6. You got black women who would kill to have long, flowing hair like this and these white women just pull it out like it means nothing, crazy!

  7. White women are fucking nuts, smfh….

  8. I developed Trichotillomania cause my cat died I’m half bald now

  9. I started pulling out my hair in the back of my head on the top part when I was about 3 years old, old what made me start but I kept it a secret all my life except my mother knew and she would put my hair up in a bun so others couldn't see. I was 23 years old when I stopped on my own. It was so comforting to me cause I didn't even realize most of the time that I was doing it. But I would hate what I had done to myself, I was always pulling my hair then looking in the mirror and seeing about a 4 inch bald spot on the back of my head. One day I said I've had enough and I started sitting on my hands and did so for about 2 years when I was by myself and it "broke" me from this habit, or OCD whatever you want to call it. I'm 50 years old now and once in a blue moon I'll start to do it but I catch myself and immediately stop. I don't ever want to start that again, so to the girls out there that feel there is no hope for stopping there is

  10. Plz help me how to control my habits

  11. I too have the same habit since 4 years ago n still. My hair is sooo thin m going to cut my hair again

  12. My hair is short because I pull it all the time

  13. If You have trich please dm me at my insta ale_trella

  14. I started pulling my hair a month ago and I began first two months ago just constantly running my hands through my hair and It wasn’t too bad so I haven’t done it many times after I realized that I had a few bald spots from the pulling I slowed down but I still find myself pulling at night or at school. It really just started from stress.

  15. They don't have to pull out hair, they can easily stop… It's that simple

    It really is, lol.

  16. I’m a male and I have it slightly. It was kinda bad in high school but never got to the point of bald spots. Although my facial hair is now getting most of the pulling attention. I hate it.

  17. Thanks for sharing. I've suffered for 40 years. It's a comfort to know I am not alone.

  18. Wow so I have That because I love pulling my hair and it fell amazing

    Edit: my mom is worried about me of my stress and my hair so I think my life won’t end well like the girls

  19. When I was in 3rd and 4th grade I had a problem with pulling out my eyelashes and eyebrows. So much to the point where almost all my eyelashes on my right eye were gone. I somehow learned to stop in 5th grade (I'm in 8th grade now), and the only question I ask myself today is "Why did I start?"

  20. It hurts bc I cant help but pull my eyebrows and my fam and friends always ask me why I dont have them

  21. They're like anti racist skinhead chix

  22. I have trichotillomania. I've been hair pulling since I started college. I try to think about what brought this behavior on, I was too traumatized from my teen years. I started hair pulling at about 19 or 20. I'm now 35 and have had to keep short hair bc the one side is shorter than the other. I've been covering my hair, it helps but it doesn't stop.

  23. Hello guys… I know someone who suffers from trichotillomania. The problem is, she doesn’t just pull it.. she also eats it. If anyone is willing to talk please do so. I’m really worried and not sure how to help out.

  24. I have trich because I remember I got bullied for my eyebrows at one point. I started to pull out my eyebrows to make them smaller and neater… then stress got and it became an addiction… I still pull and I have to wear makeup to cover up the patches on my eyebrows…

  25. I have been suffering from this horrible syndrome since I was ten years old and started pulling my eyelashes. At first it was only a few lashes, then my mom noticed I had patches missing. I can remember my mom telling me that if I didn’t stop they would never grow back. Well in in my fifty’s now and still get a few eyelashes that I have to pull. When I started bating my now husband he would try to stop me from doing it until he realized I was not just pulling when I was awake but also in my sleep. It has moved up to my eyebrows and the tiny peach fuss above the eyebrows and into my hair. I have been lucky in that it is not noticeable in my hairline and that my children do not have it. We don’t pull it to get attention or do we pull for the fun of it, it is not fun it is anxiety that causes much of my pulling.

  26. I am on 5 years without pulling my hair out. When I get stressed to the max, I start with a very small dime size which then turns into quarter size in the middle of my head. Once it starts its very hard to stop. I usually get my hair permed to cover the bald spots but now I just perm when I get the urge to pull.

  27. I hate this is called strange.

  28. My parents never paid attention to this when i was a kid. Now them and eve my sisters and husband laugh about my baldness. So sad

  29. I suffer that since i was 12. I am still dealing with that. I have no hair in the center of my head. And my skull sometimes hurts because i spend too much time pulling out my hair. I use to have a lot hair, now i barely have hair. It so sad

  30. She reminds me of Arya, she’s so pretty< 3

  31. يا ريت في ترجمه
    يا ريت الحلقه تترجم للعربيه او الفرنسيه

  32. Women are just insane.

  33. I have this and pull predominantly from my head and eyelashes but sometimes venture to other areas

  34. I have trichotillamania and i get bullied at school so badly.

    And no, for all the stupid people who think you can stop at the click of fingers, no we cant.

    Its a disorder/ addiction which sometimes you need therapy.

    Its hard to stop, especially if you have been through the worst.

    So stop being spiteful, show some respect and actually understand us.

    And no, we arent asking for sympathy, we just want respect!

  35. BULLIES need to I’ve a few days in the ode of the ones they torture! I hope this beautiful woman finds a way to get through this! TRULY BRAVE to go PUBLIC!

  36. How to stop it can you help me please because I can't stop it even if I want to

  37. the more I watch this the more I want to pull my hair
    K I just pulled one and it hurt never doing it again

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