Undercut/High Fade – How I cut my hair – Men’s Hairstyles

Undercut/High Fade – How I cut my hair – Men’s Hairstyles


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Yoo guys! How have you been? Sorry I haven’t posted a Hair Type video in a while but today I’m bringing you something a little different.

Here is my New Cut I did on myself in my own home! But just to inform you, this isn’t much of a “How To” Video, this is just me showing you guys how I cut my hair quickly. I’ve been cutting my own hair for years so some of the methods used in this video are not for beginners.

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Mad Love, -Dre

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  1. Hey bro the bleached blonde colour looked real funny

  2. One minute cutting, rest of the video is an ad.

  3. Anybody else thinks he looks like zna productions

  4. nice haircut, I need you as a hairdresser please.

  5. Oh my goodness are you a Christian?

  6. oh fudge…um…chicks still dig the Bruce Willis cut right?

  7. well I own hats if I fuck up.

  8. what products do u use to wash/condition ur hair that makes it look so soft and perfect lol!

  9. I'm having a hard time to cut my own hair at my back. 😒 i wish i can do that too. hahaha


  11. go chek out mark dohner's hair😂

  12. Ummm… how is that with the Free Deluxe Mini Kit? How can i get this when i use the Code DREX1 at Checkout it just takes 10% off…

  13. wtf wrong with this dudes hair

  14. Stop scrolling and like this comment for no reason

  15. I know this video may be old but how many cm or mm are the fades? Thanks.

  16. Your wife is big hungry ;D

  17. Finally this is what I was looking for. I left a comment on one of your other videos asking for one of these kinda of videos lol I didnt know you had a hair cut tutorial on your channel. Thanks!

  18. May I please know what hair clippers you are using.

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