USA Men 2 (Lester) | 100 Years of Beauty – Ep 18 | Cut

USA Men 2 (Lester) | 100 Years of Beauty – Ep 18 | Cut


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A face from the past tells us everything about the present. Blur past the last century in 100 Years of Beauty, the iconic hair and makeup time-lapse series.

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USA Men 2 (Lester) | 100 Years of Beauty – Ep 18 | Cut


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  1. What a handsome man to begin with! I was like "I'LL TAKE THEM ALL!"

  2. 80s was jerry curl and high top fade (early 90s) cornrows (late 90s)

  3. Shot out to the hijabi stylist

  4. Lester is surely a handsome guy !!

  5. Technically an inaccurate depiction. I saw no guns, welfare checks or crack in his hands. Plus he didn't have a woman in the background complaining about him not taking care of his kids. Or the police aiming their guns at him. Please work on this

  6. The 80s version should have been a Jerry curl

  7. Does Lester have a Instagram?

  8. If I could choose anytime to be a black man, other than now, the the 20s in Harlem… the 70s in Harlem beside my Dad albeit likely some gangsta ish. Anyways, black is beautiful.

  9. The 80s strike again!

  10. u mean ablack men then

  11. 2000’s were my favorite

  12. Who else thought he looked fine in the 1970s one😍😍

  13. Hair has such a significant in the Black culture.

  14. Thank you so much for including a person of color in this. Sometimes we forget that American history includes more than just white people.

  15. 1:03 Снупп,ты ли это?!)

  16. OMGThis guy is hotttttt😶

  17. He foooinnne ..fine as hell 🥵🥵

  18. Ooo, he’s beautiful 😋✊🏽

  19. 70's YEEEEEES thisgivesme LIIIIIIIFFFEEEE insert oprah screaming gif

  20. This should be USA Men without 2

  21. Childish gambino? XD at the first clip

  22. 2000’s is clearly the best one without a doubt before any thinking is even made

  23. Those cheekbones though! To die for! <3

  24. 2019 just throw on some air pods

  25. What a handsome man and a beautiful head of hair.

  26. He looks like the beautiful version of squidward

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