Venezuelan women sell hair to buy food

Venezuelan women sell hair to buy food


Women in Venezuela are selling their hair in exchange for valuable Colombian pesos.

Tens of thousands of people from Venezuela are crossing into Colombia every day since the shared border reopened in August.

Most are in desperate need of food and medical supplies, which are increasingly hard to find at home due to the economic crisis.

Al Jazeera’s Alessandro Rampietti reports from Cucuta.

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  1. In america ppl sell organs to buy stuff

  2. I wish I could take a Venezuelan girl and change her life and she would be able to eat as much as she want if I could help the whole country I would

  3. You have a product (long, beautiful hair)..find the highest bidder, stop settling

  4. They have beautiful hair, I am Montagnard indigenous pray for children , all of you be safe better future.

  5. Oh my God my Allah help them to get out of this conditions amen

  6. All she would have needed to do is set up a brushing line. Pay X dollars and you get 10 – 20 strokes. She would have been RICH! Keep hair in brush..etc.

  7. Ke vendan la chorchaaaaa

  8. India should do bata system wid dem…buy oil an give fud in return.. wid did both da countrys wid mke a large profite an may stand up again

  9. Go ahead, American morons. Vote socialist! You are all idiots.

  10. If she wasn't selling her hair she'd be selling her body to the foreign tourists. I have lived in Venezuela for 32 years now. I was here before Chavez, during Chavez and I am here after Chavez. I definitely prefer this Venezuelan government to the government before Hugo Chavez. The vast majority of people here in Venezuela support President Maduro and his government.

  11. The women are being taken, The cutter get up to $500.00 for hair and they get $20.00

  12. Good God the world is so sad and screwed up.

  13. Many women there are reusing tampons

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  15. When Venezuela will be in peace land when see peace

  16. Whats the Qatari government?

  17. How much for an entire woman? Let's make a deal here.

  18. Dear Al Jazeera – these woman are more free than your veiled saudi women. What a bunch of gall you have attacking Venezuela. Hypocrites – shame on you. One Venezuelan woman has more balls than 3 Arab men.

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