What is PRP For Hair Loss? Know The Benefits Behind it

What is PRP For Hair Loss? Know The Benefits Behind it


What is PRP hair treatment?

Injection of autologous PRP cells for hair (autologous cells are taken from the patient’s blood) is a progressive, effective and safe method. His goal is to stop and treat hair loss, as well as general strengthening of the hair with the restoration of its density and quantity.

How does PRP affect hair?

Hair loss slows down after the first procedure, and after several procedures it stops completely. The structure of the hair is restored, the thickness, the hair becomes more luxurious, thicker, the work of the fat glands normalizes, the growth of new hair begins, as a result of which the hair becomes noticeably thicker. Hair follicles go into the growth phase and no longer thin. For patients seeking a more effective effect, injections of autologous PRP cells are combined with mesotherapy procedures, FUE, i.e., with other therapeutic procedures.

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