What to Tell Your Barber | Men’s Haircut 2016 | Hair Measurements

What to Tell Your Barber | Men’s Haircut 2016 | Hair Measurements


Hey guys! This was very highly requested, so today I explain my most recent haircut! All of the measurements are within the video and just below! Thanks for watching!

What to tell your barber:
Sides and Back faded from 0.5 clipper guard to scissor over comb. Clippers over comb is also used in the blending process.The crown is left so it is evenly blended with the back. The top fringe is longer and the towards the back it gets shorter.

Fringe: 6 inches
Top Back: 3-4 inches
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  1. How should I level my hair out towards the back if its 3-4 inches? Was thinking 3-4 to about 1 or 1.5 inches since yours goes from 6 to 3-3.5?

  2. Disliked the vid, sorry buddy 😂

  3. Don't tell the barber what technique to use, just tell him 1,2 or 3 on sides n top

  4. you look like sara jay XD jk

  5. Yeah Cameron! I have a question! I want to have the exact hair cut that you have in this video ( the longer hair one)

    For Which clippers should i aks and things like that ?? Can u help me ?

  6. just want to say as a barber please don't tell the barber what technique to use

  7. What if your barber is a fucking dumbass?.

  8. +Nero it's your introduction music

  9. Down to nose is 5 inches.

  10. that's a nice style mate, i like it !

  11. what if my hair only goes down to right at the start of my nose right at the center of my eyes? could I still make something work?

  12. I need a video from cam! I'm dying over here! Lol jk. Can't wait for another video! (:

  13. Thanks bro,now i have my confidence in having a girlfriend

  14. ur hair look so damn perfect yooo 😍

  15. Which clay are you using in the video? Can the American crew forming cream do the same job? do you have any experience with the american crew?

  16. Could you possibly do some reviews on dr Rubin's pomade line? Thanks! Keep up the great videos!

  17. Can u tell us more details about frank & oak. Thankyou! I always watch ur vid!

  18. Make a cristiano ronaldo hairstyle video

  19. what can you recommend for thin hair with a thinning crown?

  20. Hey, I have curly hair, do I have to straighten to do this

  21. where did u get your glasses from/ what brand etc

  22. What are those glasses called?

  23. What happens, a good week to have bro I recommend you do a new haircut and style your hair, lengthen your hair, it will be very well not try, leave over the length you have now, and cut the side only with the fade long and it would fit nicely, recommend that you try very and then grew up another 2-3 months, and do new haircut more beautiful

  24. Whit folks always get it so complicated, just ask for a half on the side with with a medium fade

  25. I really like your hair as it is now 🙂

  26. nice video…. you need to make a hair tutorial of the hairstyle in this video…its awesome…

  27. How do you get your hair so thick like that? Problem with my hair is it's too thin and never stays in place!

  28. Man why do you always Look so arrogant ?

  29. Cam your hair looks awesome. Are you still using Verb shampoo and conditioner?

  30. Congrats on 50k! You are getting up there! But just remember it's not about getting the subs it's about making videos to make you happy and the people that actually like watching them 🙂

  31. Hey bro, what product do you recommend for people with thick hair? I can't find any products that keep me hair still. especially, where i live there is a ton of wind.

  32. well damn nice video ,i really liked this one ,But quesgion Cam is your hair disconnected on both sides ??

  33. any tips for growing out the top? I'm at around 3.5 inches right now and i want to get to at least 5.5.

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