Woman inspects Donald Trump's hair on stage

Woman inspects Donald Trump's hair on stage


Presidential candidate Donald Trump invites an audience member to the stage in Greenville, South Carolina, to confirm that his hair is not a toupee.

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  1. melania can inspect thrumps hair.

  2. stone cold should pull thrump hair to see if is real.

  3. That actually proves that he is wearing a toupee

  4. LMAO! What a creep this moron is!

  5. Mmmmmmmm…is it fake?

  6. Don't know why he even asked. We all know he glued it to hi head and even if he didn't, it wouldn't make him seem like less of an egg-head. lol

  7. Did this bitch just pet that donkey Trump on his shoulder? What a creep!

  8. You f**** suck b** you f**** b** I hate

  9. F**** down and come you f**** wag b**

  10. He should have pulled up a trained Norwood spotter. I would have taken a proper look

  11. El hombre de marricon!!! It's just a comb over it's his hair. And he does have a hairline as well. It's just very thin and fine.

  12. I'm sitting in my concealed apartment. Bing Bing bing.

  13. Why does he style his hair this way?

  14. Oh, It's on there alright .😏

  15. Wonder how much she got paid

  16. trump had his head streched stiched over – was a face lift at the same time

  17. She wanted to see if that hair was even real…

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