Woman with very long hair getting a very short haircut

Woman with very long hair getting a very short haircut


Woman with very long hair getting a very short haircut giving her a complete new look. The ponytail is a gift to children with cancer. In this clip you can watch a shampoo and brushing in long hair, the complete haircut and the final style. A great makeover indeed

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  1. What the hell is she doing cutting the sheeps hair -what a butcher …at least my hairdresser wont cut short even if i ask for it ….she tells me 2go to another salon !! the shortest i have is miduim leyers which looks very nice with bangs ! and it grows out nice too !!

  2. Oh my God…..what was that?

  3. I would sue! What kind of fabulous transformation is that?

  4. OMG it looks like horrible anime hair

  5. For them it's cutting edge. Her eye brows are so thick we would not like that. And the smile is never a full on smile. Take that all into account. Much cultural stuff going on with these comments. YouTube is world wide. M, il.

  6. For one thing it's Polish or Russian. Not USA. Ask Trump.

  7. also kurz ist was anderes..und das sieht aus wie ein geplatztes Sofakissen..ganz kurz würde ihr besser stehenund nicht diese Zippelfrisur vorn lang hinten kurz

  8. The hair stylists are very scary and rough, but the end result was good and different.

  9. Whatever…I don't think it worked,,,

  10. Long hair is everything faminine in a woman. Long hair magnifies all other attractiveness and i don’t even take a second look at a woman with short hair…

  11. OMG, what a terrible mess! Where did that woman train to cut hair – in a butcher's shop? This is awful!

  12. She was prettier with long hair. Layered hair is disgusting.

  13. what is this?? Awful!

  14. Please tell me where that saloon is so I keep myself as far away as I can!!! my God!!! that hair cut is TERRIBLE!!!

  15. what country is this? i don't recognize the language

  16. I think the shorter hair suits her. The style is rather unconventional but it's hip and funky.

  17. lol the model looks sad I see why haha

  18. Looks like she just got out of bed……

  19. sie schaut nicht sehr begeistert drein, schaut nach nichts aus…

  20. pra quem gosta ficou lindo, eu achei super super lindo

  21. that's not what i call very short come on

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