Woman's Head Doubles In Size After Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye

Woman's Head Doubles In Size After Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye


Woman’s Head Doubles In Size After Allergic Reaction To Hair Dye.
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Estelle, from Paris, shared photos showing her allergic reaction caused by the chemical PPD, which have her face swell up like a light-bulb.

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  1. No this isn't Photoshop.
    Would you take the risk of using products with a super dangerous chemical??

  2. So this happened to me last year. But there was more to this reaction then just swelling of the head and mouth. I got dye on my ears and scalp. First day just minor irritation. Day 2 swelling and more skin irritations. It hurts really bad the swelling. By day 4-5 and on the skin irritations on my ears and scalp turned into oozy sores. I’d wake up stuck to my pillow.. it’s really sucks. It didn’t fully clear up until 2 weeks later. Doctor gave me some creams. But this chemical should be banned here in the US too.. FYI this only happens with dark hair dye…

  3. I’m afraid to dye my hair now😐 2019 anyone?

  4. I’m afraid to dye my hair now😐 2019 anyone?

  5. Ppd also effects me.i looked so horror. Omg. What is the solution

  6. I wanna dye my hair 😭 God I'm scared.

  7. Most definitely real..happened to me twice!! I won't ever dye my hair again.

  8. shit the happens to me I am a man and I use hair dye and my face and head is twice bigger 👽👽I feel sad and shy I can't go to doctor because they will scare of my face the funny thing when I got up in the morning I saw myself in mirror I was thinking that it's just a funny picture 😂😂😂 shit I don't know what will happen to me

  9. I had trouble about this
    Because I have allergies to dye not all tho It’s seemed to only be really bad with black and browns. Whenever I got hennas I got blisters and it would itch and swell so bad.
    In our school we couldn’t have colored hair but since I bleached mine during summer break, all dark hair dyes fade and I have to get them redone but that’s the point I’m allergic to dark dyes and they wouldn’t believe me because they said it would be unfair to other students because I got to keep my colored hair. I wasn’t able to enroll for two weeks after enrollment. I had to get a medical certificate and bring my parent.
    I had to debate teachers about wether school rules are more important than their student’s well being


  11. HI. I'm not trying to be mean or insensitive, but she looks like an alien hybrid who upon having an allergic reaction to the hair dye chemical, lost her ability to cloak herself. REPTILIANS are real creatures. But most of them keep a low profile. IJS… I think she's a hybrid. Because if anyone of YOU had that much fluid on your brain YOU would be in a COMA. And you'd have tubes connected to you to help drain the fluid off your brain. She's sitting upward taking photos! She's Alien! 👽 👽 👽 👽 👽 👽 👽 👽

  12. Perfect 10 pin bowling ball. Holes are already in place.

  13. Only a fucking moron dyes their hair!
    Do you fools have any idea what kind of shit is in these products?!
    Its like putting car paint on your fucking head, idiots!
    Fuck this panda headed fuck…
    This make up smeared fool…
    Ffs people get a damn grip…

  14. Even though she didn't follow the instructions, the side effects should not be this severe. And quite honestly that chemical should be banned in ALL PRODUCTS!!!

  15. I hope she is doing well. I just dyed my daughter's hair yesterday and watching this vid made me check them out to make sure they were ok. I also will take better precautions next time "like reading the instructions thoroughly" as well as the" ingredients". Very eye opening. Some of us may think we know it all but we don't. Some of us are in just a rush, we have no time not even for ourselves.
    It pays to be selfish in seeing ofter ourselves.

  16. Did her head shrink back or is her head going to be like that for the rest of her life?

  17. Ik this isn’t. Joking matter but she looks like the Scream painting and this emoji 😱

  18. That happened to my sister after using bigen dye smh was so scary. She went to the hospital and got treated

  19. She's the real life stewie dude!!!

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