Zero Waste Skin and Hair Care Routine // All Natural

Zero Waste Skin and Hair Care Routine // All Natural


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  1. Thanks for the video!😊 I always get excited when I hear about what others use for their skin and hair. Lush has sulfates so I can highly recommend sulfate-free shampoo bars.😇

  2. I also don't understand why would people use shaving cream haha.. i always used only soap

  3. what happened to your cat? avocado is a fruit!

  4. You might be interested in my review of Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar by Lush. Let me know what you think!

  5. I have always used egg and olive oil masks because my hair is more dry than a desert. It works wonders! My hair never gets oily tho even after a week

  6. your ideas are great, but you overuse 'ish', there is just too much of it in one video

  7. Your videos are SO HELPFUL! I'm trying to go zero waste and your outlook & tactics are really inspiring💕

  8. So lots of comments are on the topic of veganism. What does it have to do with this video?

  9. A lot of people here in the comment section seem to be really close minded when it comes to veganism. It's really not as hard as a lot of you may think. And just like being a minimalist and following a zero waste lifestyle has benefits being vegan does too. In fact it can often have more benefits than the others.
    A lot of vegans have suggested that she gives​ a vegan lifestyle a try and there's really nothing wrong with it. It would just be another step forward for her which is ultimately a good thing. And to everyone talking about how they "can't go vegan" honestly give it a try. Open up a bit and try to experience what this lifestyle is about. We can never grow until we move past the "I can't" or "it's not for me".
    I really don't think that there should be so much hate and negativity surrounding a lifestyle so beautiful.

  10. Zero wasters are obsessed with coconut oil…. but I worry about the environmental impact of all these Westerners buying oil that (most of the time) was shipped to them quite a distance away and from a tree that can't grow in that many places. I'm not ecologist–but I'm thinking out loud here… Buy local is part of the mantra of the community, isn't it? So why don't any vloggers who are zero waste buy their oils local? I'm not being snarky, promise–just thinking out loud.

  11. Oh my, I read "hai skin" in your thumbnail, and hai means shark in my mother language so I was really shocked at first and wondered what you would use shark skin for 🙄

  12. i cant load your blog or fb page 🙁

  13. I need to learn more english
    I want to understand all of this! 😂
    Love your Videos! Thank you for that!

  14. I just love your channel <3 merci

  15. I've never used olive oil as a conditioner! Does it leave the hair feeling greasy or does it completely wash out? My hair is really thick and I usually wash it every 2-3 days before it started getting greasy again! I'm really open to using natural hair care products 🙂

  16. Unfortunatly most vegan's are those who use lot's of plastic and chemicals. And they are talking about being kind to animals

  17. I love your videos, very inspiring!!
    For shaving I love that safety razor but I usually wax by sugaring, a homemade, zero waste, completely natural alternative that I recommend because it works so well, for the ones that prefer waxing.
    Thank you!

  18. You're so cute and lovely to watch and listen to.

  19. cab u do a vid why you're not vegan ?

  20. I'm still a teen but I would love to start going zero waste. The problem is that I have really oily and acne-prone skin, which means that I need good face products so that my skin is nice and matte. I use avene for my moisturizers and facial soaps, which i find is the kindest for my skin and has very little chemicals, the problem is that all the containers come in plastic. What would you recommend I do to become more zero waste but still have nice skin?

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